Divorce Pre-Planning

Planning Is The Remedy For Surprise

If you plan you are rarely surprised. It is a pretty simple concept but so many fail to take advantage of the benefits.

Don’t be the person that is served divorce papers on Friday afternoon and makes themselves sick with worry the entire weekend because you don’t know what is going on, what to do, or what to expect!

Instead, be the person that knows that being served, generally, doesn’t mean anything other than the process has commenced, but that you need to act diligently. If you have prepared and met with us, you will know what comes next, or more than likely we served your spouse to avoid this very thing. But in any event, you will know what your strategy is and how we will execute that strategy. And, most importantly, that you are in good hands. That is a much better place to be rather than be frantically trying to search the internet to find a lawyer that can meet with you first thing Monday!

There are very few issues that arise in family law that people didn’t see coming. Sure there are always a few cases that seemingly happen out of thin air, but most don’t, and that means there is time to prepare.

“Planning is the remedy for surprise.” Don’t get surprised call us and plan now.

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Knowledge Is Power

We know that planning defeats surprise, but a good plan requires knowledge. You may be asking yourself – “why do I need this knowledge?” Can’t I just hire a good attorney or law firm? Of course, you can and you should, but there are a few things that you should know that can make the process easier for you.

First, when you meet with one of our family law attorneys, they will dispel the rumors and conjecture that you may be hearing. For instance, everyone knows somebody that has been through a “nasty” divorce, and they are all too willing to share war stories with you. However, most of the stories will not apply to your situation. Family law and divorce are the most fact-specific and unique areas of law. Your divorce will not be like your neighbor’s or co-worker’s divorce. So a lot of those stories serve no purpose and merely cause unnecessary stress. You need to learn not to be scared by the stories. Know the truth. We can help get you there.

Our family law attorneys know the law, procedure, and strategies to get you your best result. However, there are things that you should know along the way so that your emotions stay in check and your stress under control. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for spouses to argue and say hurtful things during a divorce. It is also not unusual for your spouse to threaten your, custody, property, or support in these heated moments. Being armed with the knowledge that you get from our family law attorneys, allows you to handle these arguments and threats in a more healthy way.

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Learn From Us

We will teach you as much as you want to know! Our firm believes planning creates excellent results and you can never have too much knowledge! So when you hire us, you will get both but how much involvement you want is entirely up to you.

Some clients just want the fundamentals and leave the rest to us. Others want to have a more involved understanding, and we are happy to provide that as well. One thing is absolutely certain we have you covered you just let us know what you want to KNOW!

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